About Us

Kundalini Kisses is a proudly 100% Australian owned family business in South East Queensland built with a passion for yoga and sustainability.

At Kundalini Kisses we want to empower you to get the absolute best out of every day. To support you to ground yourself, and focus on the powerful energy and connection between body and mind, through your self-transformation. Happy, content and free of any limitations, supported by your beautifully designed environmentally sustainable mat.

We believe true yoga isn’t just a workout. It is an ancient Indian philosophy espousing an eight-limbed approach to conscious living. A spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation. It is a physical metaphor for the push and pull and balance of everything in life. On this medicinal journey of body and mind, every individual is at a different place on their own, unique journey. No two can be compared. It is your own and will have a different meaning and path for each unique soul and life. Anyone else can only guide.

Your yoga mat is quite an intimate connection to this journey. While you clear your mind, focus within and ground yourself, your mat holds you and supports you. Through your breath, energy, mindfulness, movement, power and strength, it will travel with you through the waves, under your body. It is the connection between you and the ground you stand on.

With such an intimate connection in mind, we want to support you on this journey, and supply you with the right mat to embrace and balance you throughout. So that you can be assured to have nothing but the best quality, to get the most out of your time on your mat.

This is why we choose only eco-friendly sustainable natural tree rubber as it does not contain any of the harmful synthetic rubber’s, PVC, TPE, EVA, NBR, Petrochemicals, Vinyl, Latex or Foam, which is much healthier for us, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. We use heat to bond our mats rather than toxic glues. Our cork mats are constructed from oak tree bark. These trees regrow their bark right away after being stripped, making it a renewable source. In addition, cork oak trees absorb more carbon dioxide in their stripped state.

All of our mats have beautiful vibrant digitally printed designs that are asthetically pleasing, intended to be calming, inspiring, and empowering, and set the mood for your practice.

Our microfibre suede mats have a super absorbent non-slip surface, like a soft buttery luxurious towel wicking away your sweat while increasing your grip, literally the more you sweat the more you grip. (You can also add a fine mist of water to increase grip)

Our high-quality natural cork mats are naturally resistant to bacteria growth making them easier to keep clean then other materials. Cork creates the perfect balance of cushion and traction (ideal for any form of yoga) so you can practice with ease and comfort. Cork creates a high-performance yoga mat that’s durable and also a joy to practice on. Your cork mat also has extra grip when wet perfect for hot yoga conditions.

To say thank you for choosing us to support your journey, we include a carry strap with every mat purchased, designed to take your mat with you wherever your practice takes you.